Debt Settlement

Stop juggling insurmountable debt and let Home Destinations negotiate a reduced settlement on your behalf. We negotiate “settlement in full” so that your account will revert to a zero balance after settlement. You can rest assured that you will not be liable for any deficiency judgments as your account was “settled in full”.

Home Destinations’ Debt Settlement allowed me to get loan approval

I first met Holly Jewell at Home Destinations when I was looking for a loan against my free-and clear home. It took me 4 full years to build my home… so by the time I finished, I was financially over-extended and in default on most of my credit cards. Holly was able to negotiate settlements on most all of my debts – Some at 30% of what was owed! She even negotiated the settlements to report as “paid in full” to the credit bureaus. Ms. Jewell’s credit restoration program improved our credit and helped us get approved for a mortgage!

Kenny Tracy