Mortgage Modification Services

Home Destinations also provides loan modification services for clients having difficulties paying their mortgage or who are facing foreclosure. Whether you fell behind because of an adjustable rate mortgage or a personal hardship, we will work with your lender to negotiate a mortgage modification to save you from foreclosure or unjust loan terms. When it comes to modifying your mortgage, working with Home Destinations means increasing the possibility of success! As a matter of practice, we readily employ credit repair and debt resolution techniques to improve the credit scores of our clients so that they qualify for competitive interest rates and terms.

Saved from foreclosure

iStock_000008244251XSmallWe first started working with Holly Jewell a year ago when our lender started foreclosure proceedings on our home. I suffered an accident at work that left me permanently disabled and because my pay checks stopped coming in [and the disability payments hadn’t started yet], I got behind on my mortgage. To make a long story short, Holly was able to save our home from foreclosure and we now owe substantially less than we did before we went into foreclosure. She’s been God-sent. She is now working to improve our credit scores so we can refinance at an even lower interest rate!

―Randy Preston (and wife Elizabeth Preston)